Hello to all you drummers out there! My name is Mario and I’m the director of Drum Warehouse London. A bit about me: I’m obsessed with drums! No doubt about it. I have been drumming in bands for 30 years and been selling drums for 15 years. In this time, I have seen how the drum industry has evolved and how big the “Drum world” has become. It’s something that I am completely inspired by and love to be involved with. Working with drums has given me invaluable experience. Not only has it allowed me to develop my own expertise and knowledge, but it has also allowed me to develop skills that can help drummers find their “perfect” sound. What I offer:
  • All your drum kit needs – Stocking quality products by leading brands.
  • My own personal services with regard to drum servicing, tuning and repairs.
  • Free valuation on your drum gear and help with how to sell it online.
With drum manufactures continuously increasing their product lines and offering so many variations for consumers, drummers are often faced with the same issues: “Which do I buy? Which sounds better? And which brand should I go for?”  Of course, the answers to these questions are subjective and will be according to your taste. That’s where I come in! I am currently in the process of creating  product-related video clips. This will enable you to view and listen to me demonstrate how they sound. This way you get a really good idea on which product or brand is best for you – Making choosing between products a whole lot easier. So keep a look-out for my new videos – soon to come! I pride myself in offering the very best customer service and nothing makes me happier than a happy customer! I can promise you that you will get my full, devoted attention and that I will most definitely help you out with anything you need. (Drum related of course!) Mario. mario